Seeing through large format!

Life is too short! It’s as simple as that! This last year my family has been dealing with the loss of loved ones. Most recently I lost my father to ALS, a terrible disease that robbed him of everything at a very rapid speed. This loss gets one to thinking about all those things that you have put off doing or trying. I am now in the mental mode of not waiting for later down the road if you can possibly do it now. Especially since you don’t know how long your road is going to be. So with that in mind I was able to purchase a proper large format camera.

I had always dreamed of getting one of those pretty wooden ones but a deal came up on eBay for an all metal Toyo 45a, 4×5 camera with three lenses and other assorted goodies for a very reasonable price. I jumped on it and anxiously waited for it’s arrival. It was like Christmas morning when it arrived and I rapidly dug through all of the packaging to see what all was in the box of magic! There she was, a real beauty…a heavy beauty but a real looker! Everything looked good and seemed to work as it should so off I went with some loaded film holders.

Unfortunately I found out the bellows leaked badly, apparently from too much time in storage. I purchased one of those eBay bellows and installed it myself. It was actually a very nice bellows but a little tricky to install. That as they say was it and it was off to the races. I have been putting both color and black and white film through it and refining my film metering techniques. I have had more successes than failures and I love the whole process of using this very slow method of photography. This camera will be a keeper until I can’t lug it around anymore and I hope that is way down my road of life.

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