About me

I am a husband, father, lover of the outdoors and obsessive photographer. I actually got a degree as an artist / illustrator. My obsession comes from the need to always be creating artistic images. These days, instead of painting them, I photograph them. Most of my commissioned work is done digitally but my fine art photography is all done on film. I’ve fallen back in love with film.

Film brings me back to the craft of making an image. I love the process of it and I love the look of it. It forces me to slow down and concentrate more on an individual image instead of shooting off fifty digital images to get one image. I think it’s made me a better photographer.

I shoot mostly with antique cameras, some of them are fifty to sixty years old. You will be amazed at the quality of image that you can get off these fine machines. They can easily compete with digital images if you do your part.

Follow me along as I feed my obsession with images.

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