The feel of summer

Black and white film has a wonderful way of taking out the extraneous and leaving the meat of a photo. Yes there is a lot of wonderful color to photograph in summer landscapes and I have been capturing that on color film and digital media but when you just want the feeling of something, the emotion of something, nothing beats black and white film.

Most of these photographs were taken during the late afternoon hours with an intense light coming from the sun. Yes there are lens flares in some of the photos and to tell you the truth, that doesn’t bother me. In fact I think it helps translate to the viewer that the day was so bright that you needed your sunglasses. I think you almost squint looking at the photos. You can feel the mugginess of the summer afternoon. You can smell the still water of the lake before you. You can almost hear the song of the Red Winged Blackbird in the background as you look at the photos.

That is the beauty of black and white film.

For the technical minded, all of the photographs were shot on Ilford FP4 film using Mamiya 645 1000s cameras. Various combinations of neutral density and orange filters were applied as needed. All film was self developed using Arista Premium developer and then scanned on an Epson 700 scanner.

Happy wanderings.