Mamiya RB67 Portraits

You have seen from some of my previous posts that I do a lot of portrait work. It can range from family to corporate types of portraiture. A frequent request has been the corporate headshot for people’s Linkedin page. A friend of mine who has been forced into a freelance type of life, like so many of us, needed some professional headshots done. I was more than happy to help with one condition, I get to shoot a roll of film with him and his wife as my subjects.

So the photos you see here are the results of that roll of film. All shot on a Mamiya RB67 Pro S camera with the 137mm lens, on Ilford HP5 film. All lighting is provided by diffused window light. I almost discarded the shot where the dog moved but I liked the expressions going on it so I kept it. It ended up being my friend’s wife’s favorite.

Enjoy and happy wanderings!

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